Decero Mini Ediciones Cabernet Franc

Finca Decero, once a bare patch of soil in the Argentine foothills of the Andes, is now our one-of-a-kind vineyard, where each vine is nurtured by hand and our winemaking is without compromise. As Decero means ‘from scratch’, we are fortunate to be free from constraints of tradition, and we have developed an ‘amano’ or ‘by hand’ approach that is human, sustainable and sensitive to natural differences. We try to tread lightly in an environment that we have come to know intimately, almost inch by inch. Only in this way can the unique natural attributes of the Remolinos Vineyard, and of Agrelo, shine through in our single vineyard wines, handcrafted from scratch.

2016 Vintage

The forecast of the 2016 vintage was set to be similar to the cool, rainy 2015 vintage. With this in mind, we plucked leaves not only on the east facing but also on the west facing canopy to ensure good airflow in face of cool rains. In reality, the intermittent rains stopped in January and the dry February and March saw phenolic ripeness achieved. The vintage is expresses itself in high acidity, lower than normal alcohol and fresh flavours.

Remolinos Vineyard, Agrelo

Located at 3500 feet, in the renowned Mendoza appellation of Agrelo, our one-of-a-kind Remolinos Vineyard takes its name from ‘remolinos’ – whirlwinds which keep the grapes dry and in perfect condition before being handpicked each vintage.

Soils   Low vigor soils.
Yield   2.6 – 3 tons per acre.
Canopy   Intense leaf plucking of east & west facing canopy to provide good airflow. Cluster thinning to 1-2 clusters per shoot.
Harvest Date   Handpicked April 12th, 2016.
Selection Steps   Cluster selection when picking & a second sorting within the small boxes.


2 Sorting Tables   Cluster selection pre-destemmer; berry selection post-destemmer.
Handling   Gravity fed.
Maceration   Pre-fermentation cryo-maceration for 48 hours at -5 / -6o Celsius in 600L french oak barrels. 14 days cold soak.
Maturation   16 months in 600L french oak barrels.

2016 Decero Mini Ediciones Cabernet Franc, Remolinos Vineyard

Our inaugural vintage Cabernet Franc is the third of our three ‘rare varieties & limited edition’ wines. Of this vintage only 1626 bottles were made. The wine is true to the variety with bell pepper, graphite and plum notes held together in a velvety medium body. A well structured Cabernet Franc with great potential for ageing.

14.5 % Alc                pH 3.6               Acidity 5.4g/l